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Open: Wednesday - Saturday 2-6 pm,
and by appointment
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Sven 't JOLLE Ein Bisschen (socialer) Frieden

24.10.02 - 30.11.02

New work by Sven 't Jolle

image: Invitation card

Sven 't Jolle has a critical attitude towards "fahionable" developments in society. Nowadays, "anti-globalists" are hip, and 't Jolle (who is already much longer concerned with these issues before this label was "in") investigates this critically. Phenomena such as globalisation are not new, what is new (and positive) is the protest that has started against it. Sven 't Jolle uses contemporary images combined with sculptures that look dated.

The title of the exhibition refers to a song by Nicole that once won the Eurovision song contest (Germany), but he inserted "socialer", meaning social peace or quieteness in the factories, the absence of strikes etc…

The exhibition contains different sculptures which are linked to this theme, colour xeroxes and newspaper extracts lead the viewer through different images of globalisation, social peace and political statements.