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Angel Vergara "Exhibition"

12.09.02 - 19.10.02

Pierrot le Fou par J.L.Godard,112 min, 2002
Oil on canves
88 x 196 cm

Paintings: Brooklyn Boogy, Shadows, Buena Vista Social Club, Celebrity, Smoke en Pierrot Le Fou

Series of drawings: Orphans, Teorema

In this exhibition Angel Vergara (° 1959 Mieres, Spain) presents a new series of paintings. The typical visual presence of the "straatman" (streetman) underneath his white cloth has changed: before it was in the canvas in front of the work, now it is dispersed in the white elements all over the canvas. He is now covered with paint as well.

Vergara chooses a film which he beams onto the white canvas. He stands in between the projector and the canvas, very close to the canvas and as the film starts he paints the film. He follows in the mouvement of the film a specific point of departure and when it crosses another point he continues on that one. He follows the rhythm of the film, what remains is the image that contains all the images of the film.

Vergara uses the temporality of the film: its structure, rythm, diffusions and diagrammes are linked to a moment in time. By choosing an existing film (instead of a film of his own performance) he shares and activates the notion of memory. Cinema becomes a pictural object. The basis is a ready-made, but instead of painting one filmstill Vergara visualises the plurality of the film. Not space serves a as measure, but time becomes a measure of space. The canvas unites all small parts of time of the film, presenting a globality.