Vlaamse Kaai 47
2000 Antwerpen
Open: Wednesday - Saturday 2-6 pm,
and by appointment
03. 248 08 71

Dennis Tyfus

05.12.02 - 18.01.03

Attention: gallery closed between 22 dec 02 and 7 jan 03.

In this exhibition, Dennis Tyfus (Antwerp, 1979) uses his drawings as a basis for enlarged lambda-prints. The imagery is very direct and strongly related to scenes of violence or aggression. Although his graphic style reminds us of graffiti and comics, his main inspiration comes from movies such as Gummo, Seul Contre Tout, Hôpital Brut and Julien Donkey Boy.

His work depicts in a concentrated manner the core element of a situation:
The people that perform the action are rude, humiliating, drunk and aggressive. It concerns a certain class of society that is economically and culturally marginalised and very poor. Their central concern is bare survival, and in their "jungle-like" existence they attack and dominate.

Dennis Tyfus enlarges the general atmosphere of a specific situation and the attitude of a certain type of people.

Exhibited works:

"1 is meer dan genoeg" ("1 is more than enough")
"Rustig Tarzan en Zelda iere!!" ("Quiet Tarzan and Zelda here !!")
"Gewoon Fuck" ("Just Fuck")
"Aait biatch"