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NL, 1968


Erik Van Lieshout
Untitled, 2006
Mixed media on canvas
210 x 302 cm

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Installation, sculpture, painting, drawings

In the last exhibitions by Erik van Lieshout paintings and drawings are mostly presented together with sculptural works. It is striking that the sculptures, which can be described more accurately with the term 'set' derived from the film industry, are more focused on the figures in his paintings and drawings than on the visitors. This makes it very difficult for the visitors to empathize with the work, the art being simply too small for them. It seems as if the concept of the two-dimensional work already tacitly implied the spatial sets. This question fits in with the so-called realism-debate that flared up during the nineties and that not only deals with several forms of participation, but also with the so-called environment-generation. Does van Lieshout still want to be regarded as a painter? The number of spatial sets is not that big when you look at his production of paintings and drawings. In 1998 van Lieshout made a sauna. The light 'timbered construction' of tile laths was covered with pieces of glass wool. Inside the construction contained three levels to sit on, the lowest level being the widest. A light bulb lightens the whole and a small heater could heat it. Afterwards he made two sound studios. One of them was decorated with a kind of mosaic of large pieces of polystyrene foam. In relation to this mosaic the inside is meticulously covered with soft foam rubber, on which little cubes of foam rubber are sticked that muffle the sound. In the middle of the space there is - just like in the subway - a solid metal bar to which one can hold oneself. In 1999 he constructed a confessional box, an L-formed construction, hardly one meter high, with a little dock where the accused should kneel down. During the summer of 1999 he constructed two barbecues. The first consists of a construction of pallet boards and bricks covered by a wooden board. The board is covered with artificial grass. Over a cut-away in the middle of this board lies a kind of fence the artist has found somewhere. Under the fence there is some charcoal. For the second barbecue van Lieshout replaced the grass by an oriental carpet, by which the image of a 'flying carpet' is evoked. Reports after the exhibition confirm you can really grill on it. He also constructed a wooden solarium together with a bed on a box. Through a window in the construction you see nine hundred brown eggs, carefully placed in the yellowish light of a light bulb. One of the last works is called EMMDM - Erik en Maarten making DM. In a short film, accompanied by hiphop music we follow Erik and Maarten, driving around as gangsters with paper bags over their heads, and having the most exciting adventures. The videoclip is shown in a small hut made of paper. All these sets, knocked together with wreckage and cheap do-it-yourself materials, have something to do with trash-aesthetics. They can also be associated with the huts of gangs of youths. The work reminds of that of Georg Herold and at the same time the psychologising element of the created spaces points in the direction of an artist like Robert Gober. A constant in the sets is the display-function of intimacy - which is oft also a physical approach of several persons in a group - by which also the contact with the outside world changes. Physical approximity is an expression which might describe the collective or individual experience of the sets: 'sweating' under the sunbed, compact boxes with heat or sound insulation, grilling on a flying carpet. The dock - an extreme isolation, physical as well as social - could be interpreted as a counterpoint in the display-function I just described. The sets of van Lieshout balance on the limits of disfunctionality: in the warmth of a coal heater you sweat a bit, but the real heat of a sauna you have to imagine. These are put on, the viewer is confronted with a visual whole in which participation is possible though not required. As public services the sets would deal immediately with all kinds of regulations. The visual aspect that is inherent to the inadequate functioning of the sets actually doesn't fit into the environment-movement of the nineties that provided with so-called 'political' arguments services in the public place. For this van Lieshout thinks far too hedonistic: low tech trash functions in a subjective and visionary way, not in reality. To participate in a set means to play with van Lieshout in a three-dimensional image. And that's more the image of an 'antisocial' gang of youths, a bit in secret, conspiring. Also here van Lieshout's attention for the hiphop movement manifests itself. The paintings and the three-dimensional works are silently connected in a functional context. The paintings have a figurative, erotically stimulating content which is to be projected on the sets by the visitor, whether he stands in front of it or within it. The drawings and paintings give as it were indications for the direction on the set, they function like highlights of the sets. It is only the openness of the sets without any figure that makes it possible to act within the work. Therefore you might say that the sets of van Lieshout function for 25% as installed meeting places and for 75% as images. However thought over this play may appear, officially the paintings, drawings and sculptures are separate works. Maybe this mixture moves in the direction of a sculptural autonomy. Herewith van Lieshout would loose the advantage of the painter, whose three-dimensional way of working is considered as following naturally from his two-dimensional work. This lost might not be that problematic though.
Dierk Schmidt

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Born 1968 in Deurne, The Netherlands Lives and works in Rotterdam (NL)

Academie voor Kunst en Vormgeving, 's Hertogenbosch

Ateliers '63, Haarlem

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Please join us for an evening with Erik van Lieshout, De Ateliers, Amsterdam, Netherlands ( 14.12.10)
The Shop, Zuidplein, Rotterdam (08.10 - 09.10)
Rotterdam, Stella Lohaus Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium (21.01.2010 - 20.03.2010)

"Keine Kohle, Keine Holz", Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Berlin, Germany (25.09.09 - 7.11.09)
"Spot on 3" Sammlung Stadtsparkasse im museum kunstpalast, Düsseldorf 30.05-23.08.09)
'Erik van Lieshout. The Assistant', centre d’édition contemporaine, Genève (CH) (19.06.09 – 10.10.09)
'Erik Van Lieshout'. (a cooperation between Ludwig and the Rheingold Collection), Museum Ludwig, Cologne (D) (24.04 – 23.08.2009)
'Erik Van Lieshout. Sex is Sentimental', Maccarone Gallery, New York (USA) (10.01.09 - 21.02.09)

"I am scared of America", De Hallen Haarlem, Haarlem (NL) (08.12.2007-02.03.2008)
‘gaza surfers’ galerie Bob Van Orsouw, Zurich (CH) (27.10.07-22.12.07)
Project for Wrong Gallery at Tate Modern, London (UK)
Projekt am Museumsplatz, Städtische Galerie im Lenbachhaus, Munich (DE)
Galeria s.a.l.e.s., Rome (IT)
MassMoCA, North Adams-Massachusets (US)
'Kunsthaus Hollywood', Kunsthaus Zürich, Zurich (CH) *
'Guantánomo Bay Watch', Hammer Museum-UCLA, Los Angeles (US) (26.01.07- 22.04.07)

'nouveau riche' Stella Lohaus Gallery, Antwerp (B) (07.12.06 – 20.01.07)
“Nocturama” MuHKA_media, Antwerp (B) (07.12.06)
'This can’t go on (Stay with me)' Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam (NL) (25.11.06 – 04.02.07)
“Dolf Henkens prijs 2006”, Arminius,Rottersam (NL) (24 nov. 2006)

'’I am afraid to tell you, but…' Galerie Bob van Orsouw in Zürich (CH)
Presentation of 5 films, Prospectif Cinéma, Centre Pompidou, Paris (F)
'Don’t live with him, but give to him', Man in the Holocene, London (UK)

'See, now we are connected', Institut Néerlandais, Paris (F) (cat).
'Tessa', Ursula Krinzinger Galerie, Vienna (A)>BR>
'Hospital ? Therapy?', Stella Lohaus Gallery, Antwerpen
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'Naughty by Nature, Not because I hate you', Groniger Museum, Groningen (NL)
'Bin Shopping', Stella Lohaus Gallery, Antwerpen

Fons Welters, Amsterdam (NL)

'High' Stella Lohaus Gallery, Antwerpen

Aktionsforum Praterinsel Laboratorium, München
'Selbstenzünderer' Stella Lohaus Gallery, Antwerpen
Altes Rathaus, Schwerin

'Singing Apart Together' Galerie Fons Welters, Amsterdam
'Mit Heizung' Stella Lohaus Gallery, Antwerpen

Galerie Sabine Wachters, Brussel


“Modern Dialect”, M HKA, CCNova, Braamblokken Kiel, Antwerp (B) (09.09.10-21.11.10)
Shanghai World Expo, Dutch Pavillion (together with Sarah Morris, Alan Sekula and Jennifer Tee), Shanghai, China (01.05.2010 - 31.10.2010)
Morality - Act V: Power Alone, Witte de With, Rotterdam, The Netherlands (19.02.2010 - 25.05.2010)
Insight - outsight (Martin Assig, Stefan Balkenhol, John Bock, Alicja Kwade, Erik Van Lieshout, Manfred Prince, Raymond Pettibon, Felix Schramm, Hiroshi Sugito, Kon Trubkovich),fpm-collection, Viersen, Germany (07.02.2010 - 21.03.2010)

Recent Acquisitions, De Hallen Haarlem, Belgium. ( 12.12.09- 07.03.10)
“T” Quelques possibilities de texts (Gerard Byrne, Philippe Decrauzat, Aaron Flint Jamison, Erik Van Lieshout, Christophe Rey, Benjamin Valenza, Jeffrey Vallance, Suzanne M. Winterling), centre d’édition contemporaine, Genève (CH).(08.05.09-13.06.09)
May & June, Stella Lohaus Gallery, Antwerp (B) (07.05.2009 – 27.06.2009)

A Meeting between the tragic and the funny, Hessenhuis – Antwerpen (B) (29.11.08 -31-01.09)
ON THE LIMIT, BUDA (Budatoren, Schouwburgplein 14) - Kortrijk (B). (Works from the collection FRAC Nord - Pas de Calais) (22.11.08 – 6.12.08)
Home Alone, Galerie Mikael Andersen, Copenhagen, (DK) (18.09.2008 - 18.10.2008)
“Violência institutional e poética”, Anne-Lise Coste, Tatjana Doll, Erik Van Lieshout (curated by Ulrich Loock), Museu Serralves, Serralves (P) (19.04.08 – 13.07.08)
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After Nature, New Museum, New York (USA)
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bilboard project, Neue Oper, Vienna
artist's contribution in Der Standard 21./22. September 2002, page 14
'Private views', Fiebach & Minninger Galerie, Köln
'Politically Correct ? Dutch', Krinzinger Galerie Salzburg and vienna
'Do it' on www.e-flux.com , internet-project curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist

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